Edith Walsh's Bullet Journal Day 2

Whoops! As it turns out, this was Edith's first day of work. For some reason, we thought work didn't start until Wednesday!

Edith had a weird experience on Monday morning just before heading to work. An...interesting man was outside throwing a fuss. Edith tried to be cheerful to him.

However, the strange man just berated her. She was very surprised by his reactions. However, it did not impact her performance at work. She had a good first day.

As she had scheduled, after work she went for a jog around her neighborhood. 

05-21-17_4-11-49 PM.png

After her jog, she went to the Humor and Hijinx festival. She decided to participate in the competition- jokesters vs. pranksters. She chose to be on the jokester team.

To earn her team points, she had to go around to different people and tell jokes. She's new to comedy, so she wasn't the greatest, but people did seem to enjoy her material.

She even tried out her skill at the microphone. She wasn't booed off stage!

Her team lost the competition, but she got to enjoy a fireworks show at the end of the evening!

House cleaning is not some Edith does automatically. Thankfully, she has it listed as a goal in her journal!

Edith had a wonderful evening...she's exhausted and it's really late, but she doesn't have to work tomorrow. The plan for Tuesday is visiting the spa to investigate yoga classes, and possibly joining a club.