Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 11 (Wednesday)

Wednesday was a much needed day off for Edith! 

She started the day off with some tidying up.

While eating oatmeal for breakfast, she was texting. She seems to be texting all the time, but I have no idea to whom.

Next it was off to the sky gym. Sure, this was to get a workout in, but...to be honest, she was hoping to meet some hot guys.

She did meet one hot guy, but he was a bit old for her taste. He was also a bit, um...self absorbed?

05-29-17_5-11-02 PM.png

Edith then met up with the Avant Gardes at their usual coffee shop. The Barista was dressed very....creatively.

05-29-17_5-11-58 PM.png

She did a little bit of reading at a table with Hugo, who was doing his homework, and Gunther who was also reading. Edith had a cup of coffee while she read.

Then treated herself to some cannolis...she did go to the gym afterall, right?

She followed it up with another beverage later.

She came home in a great mood...filled with confidence. She had made a new friend...previously, the members of the club we just acquaintances. Gunther was also a co-worker, but after some deep and interesting conversations, she felt more connected to Gunther. She felt confident she had made a friend.

She watched a bit of the World Culture Network to chill out. I think this might be the only channel she finds tolerable.

She decided to cancel the mac n' cheese plan...too rich after her indulgences at the coffee shop. She opted for breakfast instead.

Updated Bullet Journal!