Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 10 (Tuesday)

Tuesday was another work day for Edith. Her plan was to go to work, have a garden salad for dinner, and then focus on her own needs...something she had been ignoring the past couple days.

After work she was feeling really tense, so she had a bath with a lavender soak which made her feel much better.

She then spent sometime reading on the couch.

Her garden salad was better this week than last week. Her skills in the kitchen are improving...the right amount of dressing is key.

She wanted to do a bit of socializing, so she knocked on Jesminder's door and they chatted for a bit. Edith talked to her about the Avant Garde. Jesminder is very nice, Edith loves the way she dresses.

Here's Edith's completed daily spread for Tuesday. It was a bit of a boring day because of work. She has Wednesday off, so hopefully that will be a bit more interesting.

Thanks for reading!