Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 18 (Wednesday)

Edith had Wednesday off. 

She had plans to do some writing, yoga and clean her house. She was going to focus on taking care of herself today.

06-11-17_11-34-37 AM.png

Gunther didn't let that happen. He showed up while Edith was cleaning and still in her pajamas. She didn't mind the company, though.

Jesminder smelled Edith's delicious Mac n' Cheese and popped over to ask if she could join in.

Edith also invited Anaya to join them.

There was laughing, storytelling and eating.

They all spent most of the day there.

After deepening her friendships with each of them, Edith said goodbye.

She then got busy writing a new book= a collection of short stories for young adults.

Thursday was a worked day, so promised to be very mundane....Work from 9am to 5pm, a bit of chess and Pho for dinner.

Little did she know...