The Penpal Project: Edith's Profile

Author's Note: I'm signing up Edith to get a penpal through The Penpal Project a place for Sims to be connected with a penpal! This is her application.

Name: Edith Walsh

Age Bracket: Early Young Adult

Profession: Advice Columnist, Author

Number of Penpals: One or two to start. I may write to more if I can find the time.

Interested in meeting face to face? Maybe. If we develop a close friendship, sure, but it isn't necessary.

Reasons for Joining: Making new friends! I love forming close friendships with other Sims. I also really enjoy writing.

Anything else?

Let's see...I don't have kids yet, but I hope to in the not too distant future (as soon as I find a partner). I'm a city girl. I'm a mess, but I don't want to be. I love reading, bright colors, and being creative. I ramble. I'm super excited for this!