The "If My Sim had a Bullet Journal" Challenge!

I'm developing a new Sims 4 challenge that combines the Sims with one of my other favorite hobbies: Bullet Journaling!

I know this challenge won't be appealing to many since you need to love both bullet journaling and the Sims. That's okay,'s mainly for me! But if you do happen to start your own, please let me know how it goes.

This challenge is in development still. So, there are no official rules yet, but I will update them as I go, in case you are a Simmer who wants to try it out.

This will also be written as a story, so non-Simmers might be interested in following along as well, I hope you do!

The Purpose:

I'm constantly seeking ways to give my Sims a normal, balanced, challenging life. I don't play with cheat codes, I don't build mansions, I seldom max out skills, and I never seem to be able to afford the most expense items in the catalog. My Sims happiness and needs are front and center in their daily life.

What if Sims had a Bullet Journal?

In my Bullet Journal, I plan events, list out mu goals, note tasks I want to do, track habits, and reflect on my happiness and well-being. I started wondering if that could be applied to a Sims life, and this is what happened (pardon the scribbling):

Not only would this be a fun way to keep a Sims life balanced and focused on self-improvement. But it also would help me record their lives better. I can set the page up at the beginning of the week. Take notes as the week goes, and have a good look at the Sims life for that week.

I can also decorate the page to reflect the Sims mood!

The Play Test

I've made my subject:

Meet Edith Walsh. She is a bookworm and a slob. She loves to hang out with friends, but she also wants a family. Edith needs help managing her career, her house cleaning, her club meetings, and (eventually) a family. 

She also loves patterns and bright colors (so clearly she is a washi tape girl!)

In my next post, you'll see the first weekly spread I'm going to make for Edith to help her accomplish all her goals!