Podcast Recommendations: What I'm Listening to this Week!


I have a great fondness for podcasts, particularly audio dramas. Listening to a well-edited, engrossing story helps any repetitive work task become a joy. As a laboratory specialist in a science lab, I spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks by myself.

Because I adore podcasts so much, I’d like to write more about them here on my blog. I would love to have a conversation with you, dear reader, about the sorts of podcasts you like. I’m always looking for podcast recommendations.

In fact, remaining on my podcast list week after week is a bit of a challenge for the podcasts. I’m pretty ruthless with what actually gets a listen. Each week, I evaluate to see if there are any podcasts I want to cut off the list and replace with something else from my long list of podcasts I’m interested in. I don’t have enough time to listen to all the podcasts, so I pick and choose carefully.

My favorite pods are often fiction, but I also love longform journalism, true crime and Disney park planning. I will give any genre a chance though.

In the future, I plan to spotlight some of the podcasts I listen to. But for now, here is my current playlist for the next week.

Here’s what I am listening to this week:

  1. The Season 11 finale of The No Sleep Podcast

  2. Episode 307 of TANIS

  3. Season 3, Episode 3 of Wooden Overcoats

  4. Subject: Found Season 2 finale

  5. Episode 10 of Season 2 of In The Dark

  6. Chapter 9, Part 1 of We’re Alive

  7. The Season 2 finale of Alba Salix: Royal Physician

  8. An older episode of Radio Harambe- #67

  9. The Wicked Library’s episode entitled “The Screen Play”

  10. The first episode of the second season of Lake Clarity

  11. Limetown’s back and I’m on Episode 2 of Season 2

  12. WDW Ride Guide Podcast- Living with the Land

New Podcast I’m checking out this week: gone cold- Texas true crime

These folks took the time and effort to find and follow me on Twitter, so I’m going to check them out this week. starting with what I believe is their first episode: Carla Walker Episode 1

What are you listening to now? Do you have any recommendations?