Tales from a RimWorld (Part 5)

1st of Spring, 5500

Things just keep getting more interesting around here.

Today, we were attacked. Our attacker was a lone, but beefy, pirate by the name of Rojas. Willa took him out, though she was injured in the process. Willa and Dusty defended us from one of the sandbag walls. We took Rojas captive. We converted Dusty's bunk into a prison.

After treating Willa for her injuries (she's doing okay), I set to work caring for our prisoner. I've provided him food, a bed, and tended his wounds. I've been trying to talk to him, and I feel like he is warming up to me. I'm hoping we can convince him to join our colony.

I did steal his pants, though. For Stephenson. She doesn't like them because they are worn, uncomfortable, and completely the wrong size, but I think she prefers them to being completely nude. Dusty has begun constructing us a shelter that we will use as a crafting and workshop area. I'm hoping I can sew some new clothes for Stephenson, and perhaps for our prisoner.

In other news, corn has now joined our list of crops. Willa says the strawberries will be ready soon. Hurray!

Rada Johns