Tales from a RimWorld (Part 2)

13th of Winter, 5500

Dear Journal,

We've made it another day! Dusty (bless her!) has begun constructing sheltered living areas. We now have a place to house all the items we scavenge that we think might be useful, as well as a shelter for all three of us to sleep. It's a bit crammed, but I'm grateful to not have to sleep in the rain. Willa has begun clearing land and planting seeds she's found. She's already got a strawberry patch started. She also managed to hunt an ostrich, but we don't know what to do with the dead animal. We need to find a place to butcher it, and find a way to cook it. For now, I'm thankful we found the survival meal packs that were stored in our escape pods.

Dusty is such an industrious girl. She already has plans to use the materials from the ship (including the electronics) to construct a wind generator for power. Amazing! She doesn't appear to be an intellectual, but she definitely has a good brain in that head.

I make myself useful where I can. Right now, it is mainly hauling parts of the ship to our camp, or hauling wood that Dusty chops. I do know how to cook, and I have some very basic knowledge of medicine, so I can useful when those things are needed.

Oh, I forgot to mention my new...pet. While I was preparing my escape pod, I ran into a Warg. He looked at me with large, sad brown eyes as I was getting into the pod. He knew what was happening. So, despite it going against safety protocol, I invited him into my escape pod. We survived the crash together. Now, he refuses to leave my side. His name tag says "Marquee", so that is what I've been calling him. 

That's all for tonight. 


Rada Johns