Tales from a RimWorld (Part 3)

14th of Winter, 5500

Dear Journal,

YIKES! Willa got to test out her defending skills today, and even poor Dusty had to fire off a few rounds with the pistol that Willa insists Dusty carries. A large rat maddened with some nasty disease showed up at camp and started aggressively attacking us. Willa and Dusty managed to shoot it down, but not before poor Dusty was injured.

Thankfully, we had some basic medical supplies from kits that were in our escape pods. I was able to stop the bleeding and stitch up Dusty. She seems okay now. Whew! 

Before she was bit, Dusty had managed to make us some new beds, a food storage area, and wood stove. I'm now able to cook us meals. We also have a butchering table, so we can have fresh meat. 

Dusty has begun work on the wind turbine as well, so she can make the food storage area refrigerated. Willa is now growing rice and potatoes in addition to the strawberries. I've been making sandbag walls around camp to help us defend ourselves (from psychotic rats!). 

It's been a long day, so I'm going to sleep (in a real bed!)

Rada Johns