Tales from a RimWorld (Part 4)

15th of Winter, 5500

Oh my. Guess what we found wandering around our camp today? A young (19 years?), naked girl. She was a patient in a psychiatric hospital, apparently. Poor dear has no idea how she got here or where she is from exactly. She goes by "Stephenson"...strange name for a girl, but who am I to judge? Maybe it is her last name? 

Sadly, we have no clothing to spare. However, we do have food and shelter, and we gladly offered her both. We'll set to work tomorrow on how we can get her some clothing. She is going to sleep on the floor for now, but Dusty plans to build her a room soon.

I'm worried about Stephenson. She seems highly unstable. The poor girl must have been through quite a lot. I hope we can help.

And now we rest.

Rada J.