My Sims 3 Revival

This is a companion post to Meet Vincent Donaldson, as well as an update on A Sims 3 Experiment

I'm very much enjoying my return to The Sims 3. I had forgotten all the little things that make the game more interesting (and I've only been playing the base game!). I think I'm falling in love with the game all over again.

My plan (if I have enough patience) is to install a new expansion (there are 11) when the first Sim of a generation reaches their lifetime wish. If a second Sim achieves it, I'll install a bonus stuff pack. This will hopefully allow me to explore each expansion fully and appreciate the changes in the game. When any Sims has an age transition, I'll install some content from the store (it's smaller and I have a lot of it). I'm adding a new mod each real life day that I play up until I have all the ones that I want.

Vincent was a randomly generated Sim that I tweaked ever so slightly. The name, his traits and favorites were also randomly generated.

As usual, I'm letting my Sim run the show. Fortunately, Vincent is not boring. He immediately had the desire to get married, which I locked. He has also has had wishes relating to writing, reading, and logic. 

Vincent is:

  • friendly
  • a bookworm
  • unlucky
  • family-oriented
  • a couch potato

He loves salmon, latin music, and the color yellow. His lifetime wish is to raise 5 children from babies to teenagers.