Vincent Starts a Fire

If you haven't read Meet Vincent Donaldson, I recommend checking out that post first.

Vincent really wants to become immersed in his new community. He tries to attend community events, such as the chess tournament that took place at the bookstore.

He also received a phone call from City Hall (at 11:00pm!) asking if he'd write three books for a charity drive. He readily agreed. He hasn't published any of his work yet, and he thought that this could be a motivating opportunity.

I was excited when Vincent finally expressed an attraction to a Sim he saw at the library. Sadly, River was a bit too young for him.

Vincent has attempted to make waffles on three different occasions. Twice he burned them beyond the point of being edible.

The third time, he set the oven on fire. Vincent watches the cooking channel, and has read one instructional guide. Yet, he still causes destruction in the kitchen. He did end up panicking and running away from the fire, but I like how he took a minute to look at the camera and give me a "Really?" face. I'm not sure if it was a "Really? Again. I thought 'third times a charm'. Why can't I'm making these fr*gg*n' waffles," or if it was a "Really? You are taking a photo while I'm running for my life?"

While waiting for the fire department to put out the fire, we discovered the bath tub was broken...again (Vincent has already repaired it once).

Vincent stopped complaining when he met Lillian the firefighter, though. Apparently, he likes a girl in uniform!

They had a great conversation about a lot of different, books, families...It was clear that she was really into him as well.

She stayed all day, and even for dinner. Vincent stuck with making a nice autumn salad (no need to make her work more!)