Vincent Asks a Question

If you haven't read any of the Vincent Donaldson, I recommend starting here.

Vincent has been pursuing his alternative career as a science fiction writer by going to the library whenever he can.

Vincent started dating Lillian, the firefighter. Their first date was at the beach. 

They chatted and took a swim in the ocean. They got along very well and had a great time.

And they had their first kiss on the beach.

They continued to hang out. While they got along great, Vincent had a hard time getting Lillian to open up. (We couldn't figure out her traits!). Also, she was very hesitant at times...shy maybe?

Eventually, she did spend the night. Still, Vincent knew very little about her, and Vincent was hesitant to move things forward.

Writing classes were available at the local office downtown, so Vincent signed up for one to improve his writing. 

Vincent and Lillian went to the movies together on another great date. Vincent was quite convinced he was in love, and that the love was returned, but he still found her to be quite the mystery. He couldn't discern her traits or her aspiration.

Vincent invited her over to his place on another night for a home-cooked dinner of Goopy Carbonara. Sadly, he burnt that too, but he didn't care.

In the middle of his kitchen floor, the smell of burned food lingering in the air, Vincent took a chance and just asked Lillian to marry him. Vincent was sick of waiting and knew Lillian was the one.