Vicent Gets Married

If you haven't read any of the Vincent Donaldson, I recommend starting here.

In my last post, Vincent went out on a limb and proposed to Lillian.

Lillian said yes!

Since neither of them had families, or even close friends, and they wanted to get started on their family right away, they got married the old-fashioned Sim way.

Right the middle of the kitchen...with the smell of burned waffles in the air...and Lillian in her pajamas.

As it turns out, Lillian shares Vicent's lifetime aspiration. What she wants more than anything is to have a family of her own.

Getting started on the baby-making immediately was critical. As it turned out, Lillian was *much* older than Vincent.

While Lillian napped, Vincent attempted to make yet another batch of waffles.

Very quickly, Lillian was pregnant and in need of some trips to the local spa for back massages.

This is probably because she took an interest in repairing things and becoming handy. Vincent has the habitat of breaking things...particular faucets. Lillian has been learning how to fix them. She even took a class at the military base (while pregnant).

Vincent is still working on two careers...the dream writing career, and the career that will pay for his future family (medical). He decided to work on his logical thinking skills in order to increase his chance of getting a promotion at work, so he purchased a telescope.