Vincent has a Baby

If you haven't read any of the Vincent Donaldson, I recommend starting here.

Lillian continued working on her handiness while pregnant. She fixed the plumbing at the local diner for extra cash while on maternity leave.

Before we knew it, the baby was on its way!

Vincent was a little concerned she was going to have it in the middle of the living room (and possibly ruin his couch). 

Vincent was very excited to have Lillie in his life.

He also managed to make a plates of waffles without burning any, so it was a really good week!

Lillie was a pretty good baby, though they did have a lot of challenges getting enough sleep.

Lillian started exercising during her maternity leave to get in better shape to return to work in law enforcement.

When she did finally go back to work, they hired a sitter for Lillian.

Immediately after the birth of Lillie, they became pregnant again. Lillian soon gave birth to a baby boy, Edwin.