Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 6

Edith and I are both very excited! We are both getting new Bullet Journals! We are getting better notebooks- better paper, page numbers, etc... so that we can take our planning more seriously. Our journals will arrive on Tuesday in the mail. For now, we are both practicing new spread ideas in our old journal.

House cleaning, as you can see, is one of the only goals on Edith's weekly list that she has yet to accomplish! However, she is eating breakfast. Another dot in the habit tracker for this healthy start to the day.

Edith's primary objective today was to go to work! She did manage to do some redecorating of her bedroom in the evening.

More of Edith's bedroom upgrades. What do we think of the color scheme?

Here's the view from Edith's bedroom window....in case you were curious!

Edith stuck with her meal plan and had salad for dinner. Her execution of the salad was not to her liking, but she needs more practice if she wants to learn how to make a decent meal!

Here is Edith's spread as of Friday! I think she needs more space (hence the notebook upgrade), but she's made great progress on her tasks for the week!