Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 7

Here's some scribbilings of what I'm considering adding to Edith's new Bullet Journal! Very excited!

It was Saturday, and Edith had the day off. She had yet to complete her weekly house cleaning, so she checked that off straight away in the morning.

Myshuno Meadows is a lovely park, though it seems to be setup more for weddings than the usual anticipated park activities. Edith will need to remember this park for later, when the day finally comes!

It had all the amenities with no setup required. It had a building nearby that Edith visited (mainly to use the bathrooms). It was very fancy, and it would be a great place for a reception.

Edith consulted a guide map about the park, though it didn't tell her any information she couldn't already learn from looking around.

Edith decided to change and go for a jog around the park. 

I enjoyed following Edith around on the paths and getting to observe the beautiful scenery.

The park was a lot bigger than we first realized!

More park! Lots of places to sit and enjoy nature, and I even spotted a place to go fishing.

Edith took advantage of the bathrooms to change back into her normal clothes.

After all that running, Edith was hungry so she had some Pho from this foodstall that was in the park. She was awful at using the chopsticks, and the food was a bit too spicy for her, but she enjoyed it anyway.

Finally, she needed to check one more thing off her to do list- watch Roaring Vice!

Edith found the movie sort of boring, though she did not fall asleep this time. So far, Edith is 0/2 with movies. I wonder if she likes any genre out there! What sorts of movies do you think she'd like?

Edith was excited to see an announcement on the bulletin board in the hallway of her apartment building about the romance festival that evening. Her romantic life is non-existent currently! She spent a long time getting ready...a long bath in some rose soaks and a mud mask, as well as putting on an adorable party outfit!

She didn't see anyone of interest when she first got there, so she checked out the merchandise and purchased a snowglobe.

While waiting for some attractive, age-appropriate people to show up she got some vague and useless advice from the Love Guru.

She walked around for awhile, but no one caught her eye. A little bummed, she went back to her apartment to go to sleep.

Here's the last shot of her first weekly spread! She had a successful and productive week! She learned that she needs more space in her layout, so she purchased a new bullet journal. Edith is a bit of a slob, and this apparently extends to her journal. She'll try to work on that.

Much to our surprise, her journal arrived early! I've started setting up some initial spreads! Here is a sneak peak!

Thanks for reading! I love comments, questions, suggestions, questions for Edith herself, or anything else...just leave a note below!