Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 8 (Sunday)

Sunday Edith was scheduled to work from 11am to 7pm. After work, she had planned on working out or maybe doing some writing.

Before work, Naoki, the mixologist (bartender) from the romance festival called her up. This was a total surprise. She had a couple conversations with him, but they were not anything flirtacious. 

However, he said he couldn't get her out of his mind, and wanted to know if she'd go out to breakfast with him.

She thought "why not", and went. Things were fine, but there wasn't any chemistry between them. He didn't like kids (a big turn off for her) and she was weirded out by the headphones around his neck.

He was also both angry and tense, and it just felt awkward. Oh well.

She got a promotion at work! So much for the plan to write or workout. The Avante Garde gang wanted to take her to a nightclub to celebrate. They danced and had a great time. She didn't get home until very late!

Here's Edith's daily spread with some notes, her tasks checked off, and a filled in Life Check. Her job and finances are in good, so are marked in green, thanks to her promotion. She had a social activity, so social is also green. However, she didn't get any writing in, and she didn't spend much time taken care of herself.

Here is her weekly spread filled in, as well as some mood tracking.

She also added a recipe collection to her BuJo to make meal planning easier!