Edith's New Bullet Journal Setup

As I mentioned, I caved and bought Edith and I both new, official, bullet journals. Edith needed more space and I desperately wanted a dot grid. 


They only come in two colors, so Edith got the more vibrant one, of course. Mine is black.

Since the Sims don't have months or seasons, I'm breaking down the weeks by life stages. I'm playing Edith on the long lifespan, so the next four weeks or so will be her early "young adult" years. I'm defining 4 weeks in the Sims as a "month" for purely organizational purposes.

Here you see the beginning of Edith's Checker Life Check (developed by BujoBoosted on YouTube and Instagram). Edith has identified the eight categories of her life she wants to focus on for the next four weeks. The ones closer to the center of the grid are the most important. The ones near the far corner are the least important. 

Most Important: Personal Satisfaction (measured by Whims completed)

Moderately Important: Writing (defined by her skill level and books published)

Moderately Important: Social (defined by friendships and social events)

Somewhat Important: Romance (defined by dates and romantic interests)

Somewhat Important: Learning (defined by total number of skill points)

Least Important: Work (defined by job performance and promotions)

Least Important: House (defined by tidiness and new items)

Least Important: Finances (defined by total savings)

Obviously, other categories such as family will become relevant once she gets older.

Monthly Goals Spread- Here is a list of goals we are aiming to achieve over the next four weeks. It gives us a base line for the Checker Life Check ratings.

Month One Memories- We'll fill this in as she makes good memories!


Week One (Two) Weekly Spread- I changed this to say "Week Two" because it's technically her second week. On the left we have a calendar for work, meal and event planning. Beneath that is a small habit tracker (writing, work out, wash dishes, reading). We then have a place to list tasks she wants to complete. Her weekly Checker Life Check. We are tracking her moods a bit differently now (based on total number of times she was in that mood). 

In addition to the daily spreads, which you'll see in our next story post. She is also making additional spreads to keep track of things such as skills.

Thanks for reading! What do you think of Edith's new journal?