Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 13 (Friday)

Edith had Friday off from work, and she had a really busy day!

Maaike called and asked if she wanted to go to breakfast at Villa Bovine.

It was a weird choice, as it turns out, as they don't really have a breakfast menu.

06-02-17_8-46-23 PM.png

They had a very pleasant conversation.

Edith ask Maaike what she knew about Gunther, but despite him being in the club, she didn't really know him that well yet.

Their breakfast choice was fruit and yogurt parfait with tea. They both loved it and were super excited about it.

Edith heard some commotion behind her. In this lovely and quite fancy restaurant, some parents were laughing and looking on as their child did this...

Edith pondered how she would be parenting the situation differently. Edith certainly doesn't mind messes, but there is a time and a place.

After breakfast, Edith went to a yoga class. While she is definitely improving her abilities, her low level is still quite obvious.

She was definitely shaky while trying to do the moves. Fortunately, the other person in her class was not suceeding either.

Eventually, they both exceeded their ability levels and came crashing down. 

Edith went to the library to do a bit of reading. She chose "Fitness Vol. 1", and this attracted the attention of Marcus (the overly fit and confident dude at the gym). They got to chatting and she ended up helping him resolving a problem he was having with a friend.

In the evening, she went to the spice festival where she was able to harvest some fresh produce.

She also met this guy Masato who was cooking food on a grill. 

She chatted with him and Cherish for a bit, before Don spotted her (he works at a food stall) and joined them. 

Hanging out with Maaike and Don had raised her relationships with them both enough for her to consider them "friends". 

Tomorrow was another day off!