Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 14 (Saturday)

Edith also had Saturday off. She had been looking forward to Saturday all week - Singles night at the bar! Her love life was lacking, despite the fact she already knew she wanted to settle down and have children in the near future.

First, she needed to do some apartment cleaning! Oh Edith, what a mess!

Before going out, she relaxed on her computer for awhile. She did some research on vampires, as she had heard that supposed sightings of vampires were increasing. 

She went to a club meeting, where she enjoyed some coffee with Gunther. 

She then went into the club's designated area to work on writing. It was inspiring to work in a different setting. 

She got to the bar a bit early for singles night, and quite hungry. So she had some french fries while waiting for more people to show up. 

She hit it off with two new guys- Travis and Johnny who she convinced to join her on the dance floor. Don was also there, of course, and joined in. There was a stranger with interesting fashion taste who leered at them disapprovingly while they danced.

Travis and Edith did chat alone for awhile in the corner of the room, and she made another friend!

Here's Edith's completed Saturday daily spread, plus a new savings collection. The next post will contain her new weekly spread and updates to the monthly pages!