Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 16 (Monday)

Here was Edith's plan for Monday.

She had a fairly simple and quiet day planned...work, dinner, whatever she felt like doing, call one of her friends...maybe call Travis, maybe do a little writing and then bed.

06-06-17_9-10-24 PM.png

She got home crazy late on Sunday evening thanks to the promotion party, and when she got home she really wanted to bathe before going to bed. Just after midnight, Don called with his own offer to celebrate. Edith was too tired and had to work in the morning, so she declined.

She was pretty stressed when she came from work on Monday. She was pleasantly surprised to find Gunther waiting for her at her place. He let her vent for awhile, he's quiet an active listener.

When she started feeling a bit better, they watched a movie, "Simder". 

It was a total snooze fest for Edith, but between the movie and chatting with Gunther during it, she was distracted enough to start relaxing again.

After Gunther left, Edith purchased a Chess table. 

The night was still young and she was a in great mood now, and she totally forgot she had to work on Tuesday, so she went out for a night on the town!

Edith went to the karaoke bar that's right across the street from her apartment. She met one of her coworkers there, and enjoyed her favorite cocktail while chatting with her and some other people she didn't really know.

Travis showed up and they had a great time conversing about a wide variety of things, and they even flirted a bit. After he left Edith was even more confused.

So she belted out a pop song before heading home.

Here is the completed Monday daily spread.

And below it, we have some doodling as Edith tries to figure out what the deal is with Travis and if she should try to pursue a relationship.

And finally, a plan for Tuesday!