Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 15 (Sunday)

Sunday was another work day for Edith. She had a simple plan for the day.....


But that plan had changed by the time she got home that evening. She was promoted to "advice columnist". And her co-workers wanted to celebrate her success by taking her out to the Oasis Dust Bowl.

Her promotion also came with a new chair for reading.

Gunther was the one to coordinate the celebration and met her outside the bar.

She enjoyed some dinner while chatting with all her co-workers.

Edith's co-workers!

Edith was pleasantly surprised to find Travis at the bar. After their meeting at Singles night, she was developing a crush on him, and she new he was on the market which increased the appeal. She was under the impression, after their great conversation the other day, that they were on the same page. She did a bit of playful flirting and then asked to exchange phone numbers.


We were both so shocked, that we forgot to take a screenshot!

Luckily, Gunther was nearby ready to swoop in and take some silly selfies!

Sunday's recap.

Looking towards Monday!