Round 2: Summer, Liberty & Travis, Part 1

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It's Round 2 and we are back visiting Summer, Liberty and Travis. Summer is continuing to be the cook of the household, and Liberty has become the unofficial fix-it girl- saving them a lot of money in repairman charges!

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There was one morning when I caught them all hanging out in the bathroom together. Sometimes you just HAVE to tell your roommate something. Travis kicked the other two out, eventually, as he actually had to use the restroom for its intended function.

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Travis still hasn't clued Liberty in on the fact that his new friend he met while camping is, in fact, the bear guy that Liberty so hated.

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They went out to the coffee shop to try to meet some "chicks". It did not go as planned. This elegant lady, who was a bit older than them, entertained their conversation and politer flirtations, but when Travis' confidence led him to make an actual move...he was rejected soundly, and left feel quite embarassed.

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Liberty & Travis eat breakfast together in the morning on most days since they start work close to the same time. If Summer gets up early enough, Liberty will join her at the table for breakfast to keep her company while she eats.

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Liberty has been working diligently to organize and identify all the things she cataloged while camping. This included several mysterious mushrooms.

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On Liberty's days off, she spends time in the garden enjoying her treasured collections, and reading in her room (of course).

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When Travis got home from work, he was quite ravenous, so he grabbed a burger from the fridge (Summer leaves leftovers in the fridge all the time) and joined Liberty in her room. Summer wasn't home yet and he needed company.

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Summer is now working as a caterer. She doesn't get home until 11pm on workdays. However, she always cooks a full fledged meal when she gets home.

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Liberty and Travis haven taken to having dinner when she does. Sure, they could have the leftovers, but the freshly made meal is even better!