Round 2: Candy & Yuki, Part 1

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06-23-18_1-33-48 PM.png

We are now back with Yuki and Candy, and things have taken an interesting turn. Yuki is going through a bit of a phase. She isn't interested in hanging out with Candy anymore. Candy is acting like too much of a mom, and Yuki just wants to be left along to do her own thing.

To help relieve some of these feelings, we got Yuki a journal which she's now writing in on a regular basis. Journals are great for emotional control.

06-23-18_1-34-32 PM.png

Candy knows that Yuki is a responsible and dependable kid, so she isn't too worried about this new phase. After they have a bit of an argument, Candy just heads up to her room to relax and completely immerse herself in some music.

06-23-18_1-41-15 PM.png

Jesminder invited Candy and Summer to the flea market. Candy had Yuki tag along. Candy thought getting in some sunshine and some social activity would be good for Yuki, who would have preferred to stay home on her computer. Yuki was so grumpy the whole time at the market!

06-23-18_2-04-32 PM.png

Well, look who it is? Good old Jonas! He loves just showing up and crashing the gatherings. He's nice, though, so we let him.

In the back, you can see that Summer ate some spicy food, and Yuki is so not impressed with this.

06-23-18_2-05-14 PM.png

Despite everyone's attempts to engage her, Yuki was very tense. It was hot out, she was with her sister and her friends. It was too crowded. Groups of people stress her out. She decided to take a jog around the outside of the flea market to clear her mind.

06-23-18_2-11-52 PM.png

That's when she ran into Caleb. Caleb had just ended his shift working in the area. He asked if she was okay, and then listened patiently while she vented.

Yuki just needed someone to listen and understand, which Caleb did, so she was immediately smitten with him.

06-23-18_2-15-11 PM.png

They chatted on that street corner for hours, well into the evening. They exchanged contact information and promised to keep in touch.

06-23-18_2-19-49 PM.png

Candy purchased a lamp for Yuki's room while she was at the market. The lamp matched perfectly with Yuki's nightstand. Yuki loved it.

06-23-18_2-22-59 PM.png

The next night, Yuki had already gone to bed when she got a phone call from Caleb asking her to meet him in the park. She broke curfew and met him. Cassandra was also there and they chatted for awhile.

06-23-18_2-23-56 PM.png

Caleb and Yuki stayed in the park until early the next morning.

Round 2: Summer, Liberty & Travis, Part 4

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Liberty has one of the toughest career paths in all of SimNation. She's on track to one day become an astronaut, but there will be a lot of hard work along the way. She has started playing chess to improve her strategic thinking skills. Clearly, in this shot she was distracted by something, but I have no idea what!

06-23-18_10-33-50 AM.png

Willow Creek is such nice, normal bit of suburbia. Quiet and lovely in the morning.

06-23-18_11-54-51 AM.png

Karim has pretty much become Travis' only friend, other than his roommates. He is a good friend, however, stopping by quite frequently to chat about all sorts of things and have drinks at the roommates' bar.

06-23-18_11-55-14 AM.png

Look at his eyes! He knew what I was doing! LOL. Yes, Travis, you've been developing a bit of a gut! Must be all that time spent on the computer. It's okay, though, plenty of ladies like a man who is a bit soft!

06-23-18_12-18-14 PM.png

It's SUMMERFEST. This is Summer's FAVORITE holiday. As you can see in the left top corner, there are three traditions she LOVES. Inviting people over, playing in the water, and having that party spirit! Summerfest is a time for friends, outdoor fun and laughs.

06-23-18_12-33-59 PM.png

Of course, this means that the roommates decided to throw a party! Inviting all their over! Karim, Candy, Dina, Jessminder, Cassandra...they are all here. Even Jonas....that random guy...who just always seems to be around...

06-23-18_12-35-56 PM.png

Liberty even tried to be social. She sat away from the crowd, of course, but she still managed to having a good time chatting with Zoe and Karim (she still has no clue that he was the annoying bear).

06-23-18_12-37-21 PM.png

Summer made sure there was plenty of water fun! Water balloons, a kiddie pool, a sprinkler! The sprinkler broke halfway through the festivities- fortunately, Liberty was there to fix it!

06-23-18_12-39-35 PM.png

After everyone had gone, Liberty and Travis continued to play in the sprinkler for awhile until they were exhausted, and then they both turned in.

06-23-18_1-01-22 PM.png

Summer was still feeling the party spirit, and didn't want to go to bed. She headed outside to see if any of the neighbors were around and up for a bit more fun.

While she was out there, she ran into Justin. Remember him from the park? The guy she was really crushing on, but rejected her advances?

06-23-18_1-03-37 PM.png

Well...he did not reject them this time. In fact, he was a little too interested. And before any of us (Summer, Justin, or myself) realized what was happening...yeah, she took him back to her room.

Hopefully, one doesn't regret what she's done during the giddiness that is Summerfest!

Round 2: Summer, Liberty & Travis, Part 3

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06-19-18_9-25-20 PM.png

Liberty's collection of...nature...makes for interesting viewing while chatting on the phone with one's best friend.

06-19-18_9-27-11 PM.png

Speaking of the bestie...Summer & Candy decided to continue their conversation at the park while looking for cute guys, as both of them are currently single.

06-19-18_9-28-43 PM.png

The park has a bar, so Summer poured them some drinks.

06-19-18_9-29-48 PM.png

They chatted for a bit about music, dance, the club, how Yuki was doing...the usual stuff. [Cameo of Hugo in the background!]

06-19-18_9-31-06 PM.png

Candy didn't feel like Franks n' Beans so she volunteered to cook dinner. Candy doesn't really know how to cook anything more than a grilled cheese sandwich....but she managed some hot dogs.

06-19-18_9-33-03 PM.png

After awhile, a guy named Justin stopped by their table. He wasn't Candy's type, but that's okay because Summer was digging the professional look.

06-19-18_9-34-10 PM.png

Summer and Justin hit it off really well. She was flirting, he was flirting back and things were good. So, feeling a bit more confident, she decided to take a more direct approach in their conversation and it did not go well. She headed home from the park feeling quite rejected and embarassed.

06-20-18_8-54-32 PM.png

Liberty has been showing quite the talent for being handy. Travis' stereo broke and he couldn't listen to his talk radio while working on the computer. Fortunately, Liberty was able to fix it quickly.

06-20-18_9-03-27 PM.png

Summer met this friendly stranger at the park one day. He offered to play chess with her, but they mostly just chatted. He was a bit odd, but nice.

06-20-18_9-05-53 PM.png


Apparently, Travis needs to be social even when doing things that should be kept more private. I wonder if the person on the other end knew?

Round 2: Summer, Liberty & Travis, Part 2

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06-18-18_10-01-55 PM.png

Summer and Liberty discussing....children? over a late night dinner.

06-18-18_10-03-56 PM.png

When she doesn't have time in her schedule to go to the gym, Summer likes to take a run before work. She's been thinking maybe she needs some sort of fitness routine.

06-18-18_10-05-20 PM.png

Summer knows Dina & Nina Caliente from the club and the gym. This morning while she was outside, she ran into Katrina, their mother, walking through the neighborhood.

06-18-18_10-11-01 PM.png

Lunch on the deck! Summer enjoys the sunshine, and she's looking forward to this thing called "weather" and "seasons" that, rumor has it, is arriving soon.

06-19-18_9-05-13 PM.png

Summer decided to hit the gym, but first she called Dina to see if she could join her. Dina was on her mind after running into Katrina!

06-19-18_9-06-35 PM.png

As it turns out, Dina was already at the gym!

06-19-18_9-08-10 PM.png

Dina was already done with her workout, though. Before Summer began her workout, they hung out together, watching the clouds and chatting.

06-19-18_9-10-22 PM.png

Summer tried the rock wall for the first time! It was hard work, but she already started getting the hang of it before she left.

06-19-18_9-15-22 PM.png

When Summer got home, she tried a new recipe for dinner- Italian Meatballs!

Round 2: Summer, Liberty & Travis, Part 1

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06-13-18_9-22-30 PM.png

It's Round 2 and we are back visiting Summer, Liberty and Travis. Summer is continuing to be the cook of the household, and Liberty has become the unofficial fix-it girl- saving them a lot of money in repairman charges!

06-13-18_9-25-27 PM.png

There was one morning when I caught them all hanging out in the bathroom together. Sometimes you just HAVE to tell your roommate something. Travis kicked the other two out, eventually, as he actually had to use the restroom for its intended function.

06-13-18_9-32-44 PM.png

Travis still hasn't clued Liberty in on the fact that his new friend he met while camping is, in fact, the bear guy that Liberty so hated.

06-13-18_9-35-32 PM.png

They went out to the coffee shop to try to meet some "chicks". It did not go as planned. This elegant lady, who was a bit older than them, entertained their conversation and politer flirtations, but when Travis' confidence led him to make an actual move...he was rejected soundly, and left feel quite embarassed.

06-14-18_9-47-58 PM.png

Liberty & Travis eat breakfast together in the morning on most days since they start work close to the same time. If Summer gets up early enough, Liberty will join her at the table for breakfast to keep her company while she eats.

06-18-18_9-54-22 PM.png

Liberty has been working diligently to organize and identify all the things she cataloged while camping. This included several mysterious mushrooms.

06-18-18_9-55-37 PM.png

On Liberty's days off, she spends time in the garden enjoying her treasured collections, and reading in her room (of course).

06-18-18_9-57-39 PM.png

When Travis got home from work, he was quite ravenous, so he grabbed a burger from the fridge (Summer leaves leftovers in the fridge all the time) and joined Liberty in her room. Summer wasn't home yet and he needed company.

06-18-18_9-59-48 PM.png

Summer is now working as a caterer. She doesn't get home until 11pm on workdays. However, she always cooks a full fledged meal when she gets home.

06-18-18_10-01-13 PM.png

Liberty and Travis haven taken to having dinner when she does. Sure, they could have the leftovers, but the freshly made meal is even better!

Maggie Moyer #23

Marcus, Maggie's friend, invited Maggie to the gym to work out. While she was there, Maggie introduced herself to several people she hadn't met yet. She met a lovely couple, Brant and Brent, who work out together. Maggie got along well with them both. She hopes it's the start of a new friendship!

Maggie talking to Brent and Brant.

Maggie talking to Brent and Brant.

Maggie Moyer #20

Maggie came home energized from her brisk jog around the neighborhood. She returned in a great mood ready to tackle some work on her home comput...


Maggie was completely stunned.

(Maggie doesn't have any pets yet this was her kitchen when she arrived home).



Maggie Moyer #13

Maggie met the Caliente sisters at the Lounge. Dina invited Maggie over to hang out one day. Dina is always on the move, both physically and in her career. She's working towards being a chef. Maggie knows a bit less about Nina. She does know that Nina is far less ambitious than her sister and would prefer to take things easy.

Maggie Moyer #12

Maggie started working for a new company when she moved to Willow Creek. Since she began her employment, she has already gotten two promotions. She started as a mailroom technician, and now she's the assistant to the manager. She has a natural talent for business, but she also works hard from home when she can. Maggie's ambition in life is to earn a very comfortable living.

Working at home for a promotion!

Working at home for a promotion!

Maggie Moyer #10

Maggie Moyer has always like the idea of clubs. Since she was a kid, she liked to feel like she was part of a community. She likes being on the "inside" and knowing the latest news about people. Now that she was settled into her new home in Willow Creek, she decided she needed to get involved. She joined the "Good Timers" a club for meeting up at the pub, drinking and playing pub games. 

First club meeting!

First club meeting!