Round 2: Villareal, Part 3

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When we last left off, Yuki and Hugo were on a date...Well, they were hanging out at a restaurant. Definitely not a date, since she is currently a Young Adult and he's a Teen. It's very awkward when a close friend transitions before you.

06-24-18_9-24-01 PM.png's the whole Goth family out to dinner. That's wonderful to see! I think Cassandra would make a good friend for Yuki.

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Look at just how *happy* this Loner is in a restaurant when he is with Yuki.

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Spooky Day is almost upon us! Jacques loves holidays- particularly Spooky Day. He spends a couple of days...yes, days...carving pumpkins to decorate the yard with.

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Luna might be a popular, fashion-focused teenager with her eyes locked on getting a boyfriend, but when she's alone, her child-like nature shines through. She has an active imagination and dreams of princesses, rainbows and llamacorns.

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The house is all decorated for Spooky Day!

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Max is an evil mad scientist in the making! The little rebel enjoy using his intelligence to make materials of destruction with his chemistry set.

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We most make all of the pumpkins! Jacques aspires to become a master pumpkin carver!

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I think his skills are improving. What do you think? Even the lopsided one is pretty cute though.

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The butler was missing for hours and hours. Jacques finally found her on the far reaches of the property. Perhaps she got lost? Or was she trying to escape Jacques madness?

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