Round 1: Candy & Yuki, Part 3

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Candy continued to make progress on teaching herself to play the guitar. She hopes to one day be able to play in front of an audience.

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But for now, Yuki enjoys listening to her practice (while checking text messages on her phone, of course).

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Sometimes, Candy fills in as a DJ at the club. She's pretty talented in all areas of music, and she's been practicing her DJing skills for quite some time. It's a fun way to earn an extra bit of cash.

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Joaquin is a fine substitute for Candy on the dance floor. He gets the crowds moving when Candy is running the booth.

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Yuki doesn't enjoy real world sports, but virtual ones are a great way to let off some steam after an evening dealing with customers!

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Of course, gaming on the PC works just as well. Recently, Yuki has begun to test her gaming skills in online competitios.

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Franks n' beans, Candy? Hmm...sounds like someone has been spending a lot of time with Summer Holiday!

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And here we are...Candy and Summer chilling at a restaurant before Candy has to head to work.

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Candy and Summer are the best of friends. They talk about anything and everything. Their cheerful personalities keep each other in a good mood.

06-12-18_9-11-04 PM.png

Who would have guessed Summer would get Franks n' Beans? I think Candy got her drink because of the color, honestly.

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While Candy is making new friendships and strengthening existing ones, Yuki continues to have no friends that are not her lovely sibling. She's content to spend her days as alone as possible.