Round 2: Villareal, Part 2

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Max isn't the best in school. He's smart like his dad, of course, but he prefers to apply himself in other ways. Fortunately, his most recent school project was creating a volcano. He could totally get down with the destruction!

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Hugo doesn't have many friends and he mainly keeps to himself. Besides his family, Yuki is the closest thing he has to a true friend. Yuki invited him to the pool to hang out one evening, and Hugo stayed out past curfew.

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He got an angry earful when he came home. Hugo insisted that as a teenager, his curfew should be later than 7pm! Jacques wasn't having it though, and they argued.

Hugo thought the time he spent with Yuki was well worth the trouble.

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Jacques went to GeekCon so he could mess around with the community rocket. It was raining out, so no one else was working on it, but that didn't stop Jacques- who never turns down the opportunity to play with a blow torch.

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Our perpetually cheerful and good-natured Summer befriended the crazy old man after she convinced him to come out of the rain. They chatted for quite some time. To his credit, Jacques did not hit on her. 

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He saved that for the new butler! She had hardly worked for a day before he began his frisky pursuits. Not to mention he just prefers to stride around the house half-naked, no matter the company. After a few awkward days, she gave into his advances.

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...perhaps a bit too enthusiastically. I'm really not sure who is the victim here. Is Jacques taking advantage of his employee? Yes. Is the new butler taking advantage of a lonely rich old man? Yes. Do either of them mind? I don't think so.

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Okay. I have some serious concerns about the mental health of this family. Hugo and Luna are sharing a bed, while the butler watches them sleep. I feel like all sorts of boundaries are being violated here.

Okay, let's just pretend this scene didn't happen.

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Yuki invited Hugo out for dinner and he enthusiastically agreed. They had a wonderful time chatting about Yuki's sister Candy, Yuki's new job, and the goings on in the Villareal house. Hugo really appreciates how comfortable he is confiding in Yuki, especially since his family can be a bit weird. 

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In fact, he wished they were actually on a date. He knew that wasn't a possibility since she had already transitioned into adulthood...and she was dating that shady vampire guy from Forgotten Hollow. Or at least, he thought she was. Yeah, she couldn't possibly be interested in him.

Do you think Yuki will end up with Caleb or Hugo?