Round 2: Candy & Yuki, Part 2

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In our last post, Yuki was in the park with her new crush, Caleb. Being a natural introverted loner without many friends, she's a bit shy when it comes to displaying her affections. 

However, she had become quite smitten with the older Caleb. He seemed to be the only one who understood her.

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Things had been awkward at first, but her walls of insecurity have started to crumble. She felt a deep connection to Caleb.

She knew that he wasn't interested in her in a romantic way. He was already out of a school- an adult, if you will. She didn't care though. She'd keep him as a friend for now.

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Caleb preferred the dark. He told her the night gave him more energy. His favorite thing to do was to go to the park and enjoy the cool night air.

She stayed out very late...well after midnight...later than she'd ever stayed out before. They chatted while looking at the summer sky.

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There isn't much to do in the park at night, other than talk. So, they also played a game of chess. Yuki hadn't played chess before, but she loves games and Caleb offered to teach her.

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The following day, Candy told Yuki she was not happy with her staying out all night by herself. And that she was absolutely not allowed to do that again.

Candy had seen Yuki talking with Caleb, and she didn't trust him. There was something off about him. Candy was pretty sure she had seen him before and that he lived in Forgotten Hollow. The Hollow wasn't a place anyone wanted to live...unless you were the sort of person who could only come out at night.

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Candy decided that she wasn't doing a good enough job parenting, and that she had to try harder to be both a mom and a sister. She put up a family bulletin board to keep track of schedules, chores and curfews!

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And time marched on in the lovely town of Windenburg.

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Candy threw a house party- her first. Candy loves people, music, dancing, pizza- all the components of a great party. She hopes to be known for hosting amazing parties for her friends in the future. #lifegoals

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They had snacks, tv, music, pizza, conversations, jokes and flirting! She had lots of guest and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

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She someday wants a bigger home so that she can have a bar area- a necessity for parties. Her bestie, Summer, we know is amazing at making drinks! It would be great to have a place where she could do her magic!

It would also be nice to have a yard where they can have Summerfest parties! For now, she'd have to enjoy those at Summer's place.

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Speaking of which, Candy and Summer both had an evening off of work, so they decided to hang out!

Candy went over Summer's house to have dinner, get ready to go out for evening (and apparently take selfies).

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After getting themselves dressed up, they headed into the city (San Myshuno) to go to the Stargazer Lounge, a premiere rooftop lounge.

And that's where Candy first laid eyes on Akira, the yummy bartender who was working that evening.