Meet Emmett Trout

This is the story of Emmett Trout. Emmett moved to Brindleton Bay from a place, and people, he'd rather not remember.

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Despite his mature appearance, Emmett is quite young, only just out of school. He doesn't expect he'll have much in his future. He is perfectly content with his new one bedroom home, near the beach and just enough money to get by. He knows he doesn't have the brains or the charm to make it further.


Emmett spent every penny he had on his small home and it's meager furnishings, but he is quite happy with the results. He's not really the type for decoration, or even keeping things tidy for that matter. He just wants a comfortable space to call home.


Emmett is a bit lost in life. He desires companionship, but doesn't know where to find it. He wants to belong, but doesn't know how to make friends. He's not sure what he wants to do for a living, as nothing much interests him. He likes books, dogs, the beach and his couch.

More Emmett updates are on their way.