Meet Emmett Trout

This is the story of Emmett Trout. Emmett moved to Brindleton Bay from a place, and people, he'd rather not remember.

05-25-18_6-31-54 AM.png

Despite his mature appearance, Emmett is quite young, only just out of school. He doesn't expect he'll have much in his future. He is perfectly content with his new one bedroom home, near the beach and just enough money to get by. He knows he doesn't have the brains or the charm to make it further.


Emmett spent every penny he had on his small home and it's meager furnishings, but he is quite happy with the results. He's not really the type for decoration, or even keeping things tidy for that matter. He just wants a comfortable space to call home.


Emmett is a bit lost in life. He desires companionship, but doesn't know where to find it. He wants to belong, but doesn't know how to make friends. He's not sure what he wants to do for a living, as nothing much interests him. He likes books, dogs, the beach and his couch.

More Emmett updates are on their way.

Our first Bachelor Contestant!

Meet our very first bachelor contestant...Kelsi Lothario!

Kelsi is a confident beauty who combines sexy playfulness with a girl-next-door charm.

09-21-17_9-35-37 PM.png

Kelsi is athletic and active, and loves yoga! She'd be a great match for anyone who can keep up with her energetic lifestyle.

Kelsi was created by Meka, and downloaded from the gallery!

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Taking Contestants! Bachelor & Big Brother!

I'm starting two different Sim challenges where I need Sims from you! You don't need to own the Sims to play along. You can either fill out the form below to provide me with inspiration to make a Sim for you, or you can just fill out the first section if you play the game and wish to submit a Sim!

You can submit to either of the games or both! All genders welcome for submissions to both!

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Here is the form for Big Brother, and a link just in case.

Sneak peak at the Big Brother house!

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09-09-17_3-14-03 PM.png
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The Misfortune Legacy, Part 1.2- There is some love

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Despite the impression that you may have gotten last time, Eugene and Pearl are very much in love.

06-15-17_9-15-59 PM.png

They recently went out on the town for a date, where they spent most of the time sitting under an umbrella chatting about their future and their love for one another.

It ended with a very romantic evening at home.

Here's a little nighttime tour of the outside of their home.

It may not be fancy, but it's a fun place to hang out, when the curse isn't acting up.

They have plenty of room to have a bonfire, play some games, and have a nice cookout.

With this in mind, it's time to make some friends. They had a couple of guests over....Pearl entertained them while shy Eugene made everyone lunch.

After their guests left, they played horseshoes together in their backyard.

Pearl went out on the town with her new friend while Eugene stayed home to clean the house and watch TV.

Pearl began to not feel so great that night. She began to wonder if she was pregnant. Not something she wanted to be. This really stressed her out. Is she pregnant? We'll find out next post! Pearl does NOT want any children.

On a side note....Pearl is in the social media career, here is one of the photos she posted on her social media accounts when she was visiting the city (something she does often, without Eugene).