Round 2: Villareal, Part 1

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It's time to meet our third and final household for Round 2! Joining us will be Hugo's family- the Villareal household which consists of Jacques, Hugo, Luna and Max.

This family was selected primarily because of Hugo's connection with Yuki (good friends and a mutual club).

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Jacques is Hugo's eccentric father. Jacques is now raising the three children on his own after his wife disappeared (under mysterious circumstances.) Jacques is a bit odd and can be a bit careless, but there's no doubt he does care for his children.

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Max is Jacques youngest child. Max is a bit of a terror. He's a very dark young man with some peculiar interests such as taunting other children, working late hours on his chemistry set, and destroying things other people have created.

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Jacques third child is Luna, the middle child and the only female in the house. Luna makes new friends easily. She can be playful and naive, but she means well. She's a bit on the vain side, but what teenager isn't? She's pretty and popular.

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Being an eccentric genius, Jacques has always been a difficult man to get along with. However, time hasn't been a friend to Jacques and it's made him a bit of a misanthrope. He uses his wit to shape biting insults and relishes in the reactions he gets from people.

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While not truly evil, he could easily be compared to a playground bully. Taunting, mean-spirited pranks, and petty name-calling are just some of his devious tools. While kind to his children, everyone else is fair game for his cruelty.

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Hugo chooses to spend his time in more positive creative pursuits. Hugo aspires to be a gourmet chef and he is already well on that path. He does all of the cooking for the family making them a wide variety of delicious and nutrition-packed meals.

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Jacques is retired, and definitely has too much time on his hands. In the middle of the night, he can be found roaming the mansion in his favorite bathing suit, warming himself by the one does.

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The city of Windenburg has a small island, simply referred to as "The Island". Three households live on The Island- Villareal, Bjergsen and a house with two roommates- Joaquin (Candy's friend) and Sergio (we'll meet him soon).

Bjorn and Clara Bjergsen stopped by to check on the older gentlemen during the day.

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Jacques welcomed them joyfully. He was happy to have the company as the kids were in school. However, he then proceeded to offend them both by making highly flirtatious and inappropriate passes on each. They left quickly and did not return.

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There is a single, tiny room in the basement of the Villareal's mansion. This room is where Hugo goes to practice his dance moves. His creative talents are firmly in the areas of the culinary, not in dancing, so it is best to do this in a room with no windows.

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