Edith's Bullet Journal: Week Three Setup!


Here we have Edith's filled in Week 2 Checker Life Check. Green is the best category, so she did quite well in week 2.

Here is her Week Two spread at the end of the week. She experienced a lot of happiness this week, but was also uncomfortable and tense more often than we'd like. She needs to seek out new ways to feel inspired, since that didn't come up often and she's trying to be a writer!

She improved her charisma, cooking, fitness, wellness, writing and dancing! She also learned many new recipes.

She has a new financial spread. She is trying to save up $900 (in addition to her regular savings goal) to purchase a shower/tub combo...so she has the option of taking a shower or a bath, instead of just a bath.

Here is her Week Three setup. I didn't write down all her work times yet, since I think she'll be getting a promotion on Sunday. Her goals are very similar to last week but with her total whims and total savings higher, obviously. She also wants to turn one of her friends into a "good friend" this week.

And finally, here is our plan for Sunday!

If you have any ideas for spreads that you'd like to see included please let me know!!! If you'd like to see more information, more journaling, etc...we can expand!

Thanks for reading!