Round #1: Candy & Yuki, Part 2

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Yuki had been struggling in school recently, so Candy found some time to help her with her homework. Candy has been trying to figure out how to be both a parent and a sister to Yuki.

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Another night off, another night at the club for Candy.

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There is no better dancer than Candy.

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Seriously. Ask any Sim at the club!

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People clear the dance floor and cheer. It's no wonder she likes hanging out there!

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While both Candy and Summer love meeting new people, they've been spending a lot of time together at the club. They've become quite close friends.

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Yuki might not be the most social gal, but she is still a teenager. Every morning, she stares into the mirror wishing for a zit to go away, or wondering if her shirt is flattering.

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Neither Yuki or Candy know how to cook. The stove has only been used for Grilled Cheese. Most meals consist of cereal, pastries, peas, oatmeal and microwave chicken nuggets. Yuki is interested in learning more about cooking, but doesn't know where to start (or have the time, really).