Round 2: Candy & Yuki, Part 3

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Summer and Candy were out for a night on the town at the Stargazer Lounge!

While they were looking to meet some new faces, Candy had one eye on Akira, the cute bartender. The talked for a bit, but she didn't think he was interested.

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Other guys tried to make an impression on Candy, but it didn't go well for any of them. This guy was pretty cute, but he was a bit too vain for Candy.

Summer didn't find anyone particularly interesting either.

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The next morning, Yuki was so excited to watch the season premiere of a new show that was airing that night! True, most people were excited to see Game of Llamas, but Yuki was totally nerding out about it.

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Don Lothario invited Candy out on a date that evening...but he chose to visit the ruins, a completely outdoor venue, when it was supposed to thunderstorm! The date was pretty miserable. Candy left early, which Don wasn't upset about.

She probably won't be going out with him again. Not a great week for romance!

06-23-18_7-13-54 PM.png

Leaving early, though, meant she could watch the season premiere of Game of Llamas with her lovely sister. They had a nice night together. #sisterbondingtime

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Late that evening, Caleb threatened to upset the peace between the sisters. Yuki got a phone call after she was already tucked in bed for the evening, asking her to come to Forgotten Hollow to see Caleb, and to meet his sister.

Curious to see Caleb at home, she went. Caleb's sister was lovely, and it was good to see Caleb not wearing an apron. Apparently, he is quite the fancy dresser.

06-23-18_7-59-13 PM.png

Much to Candy's surprise, Akira called her the following day. He asked her to go out to breakfast with him. She loved the idea.

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Things went well. Very well. Maybe this wasn't such a bad week for romance, afterall?

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On Saturday, it was Yuki's birthday! Candy threw a wonderful party with all of their friends. And before we all knew it, Yuki was a young adult and Candy was no longer the parent of a teenager.

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While many friends attended including her good friend Hugo, Yuki was most excited to have Caleb over. After most guests had left, they stayed in her room talking until quite late.

06-23-18_8-54-16 PM.png

When it was time to say goodbye, he gave her a hug. This hug felt...different...than the previous hugs, Yuki thought. Maybe? It was probably just her imagination.

Round 2: Candy & Yuki, Part 1

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We are now back with Yuki and Candy, and things have taken an interesting turn. Yuki is going through a bit of a phase. She isn't interested in hanging out with Candy anymore. Candy is acting like too much of a mom, and Yuki just wants to be left along to do her own thing.

To help relieve some of these feelings, we got Yuki a journal which she's now writing in on a regular basis. Journals are great for emotional control.

06-23-18_1-34-32 PM.png

Candy knows that Yuki is a responsible and dependable kid, so she isn't too worried about this new phase. After they have a bit of an argument, Candy just heads up to her room to relax and completely immerse herself in some music.

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Jesminder invited Candy and Summer to the flea market. Candy had Yuki tag along. Candy thought getting in some sunshine and some social activity would be good for Yuki, who would have preferred to stay home on her computer. Yuki was so grumpy the whole time at the market!

06-23-18_2-04-32 PM.png

Well, look who it is? Good old Jonas! He loves just showing up and crashing the gatherings. He's nice, though, so we let him.

In the back, you can see that Summer ate some spicy food, and Yuki is so not impressed with this.

06-23-18_2-05-14 PM.png

Despite everyone's attempts to engage her, Yuki was very tense. It was hot out, she was with her sister and her friends. It was too crowded. Groups of people stress her out. She decided to take a jog around the outside of the flea market to clear her mind.

06-23-18_2-11-52 PM.png

That's when she ran into Caleb. Caleb had just ended his shift working in the area. He asked if she was okay, and then listened patiently while she vented.

Yuki just needed someone to listen and understand, which Caleb did, so she was immediately smitten with him.

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They chatted on that street corner for hours, well into the evening. They exchanged contact information and promised to keep in touch.

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Candy purchased a lamp for Yuki's room while she was at the market. The lamp matched perfectly with Yuki's nightstand. Yuki loved it.

06-23-18_2-22-59 PM.png

The next night, Yuki had already gone to bed when she got a phone call from Caleb asking her to meet him in the park. She broke curfew and met him. Cassandra was also there and they chatted for awhile.

06-23-18_2-23-56 PM.png

Caleb and Yuki stayed in the park until early the next morning.

Round 1: Candy & Yuki, Part 3

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Candy continued to make progress on teaching herself to play the guitar. She hopes to one day be able to play in front of an audience.

06-12-18_8-18-43 PM.png

But for now, Yuki enjoys listening to her practice (while checking text messages on her phone, of course).

06-12-18_8-23-43 PM.png

Sometimes, Candy fills in as a DJ at the club. She's pretty talented in all areas of music, and she's been practicing her DJing skills for quite some time. It's a fun way to earn an extra bit of cash.

06-12-18_8-25-24 PM.png

Joaquin is a fine substitute for Candy on the dance floor. He gets the crowds moving when Candy is running the booth.

06-12-18_8-58-38 PM.png

Yuki doesn't enjoy real world sports, but virtual ones are a great way to let off some steam after an evening dealing with customers!

06-12-18_9-00-27 PM.png

Of course, gaming on the PC works just as well. Recently, Yuki has begun to test her gaming skills in online competitios.

06-12-18_9-02-54 PM.png

Franks n' beans, Candy? Hmm...sounds like someone has been spending a lot of time with Summer Holiday!

06-12-18_9-08-58 PM.png

And here we are...Candy and Summer chilling at a restaurant before Candy has to head to work.

06-12-18_9-10-50 PM.png

Candy and Summer are the best of friends. They talk about anything and everything. Their cheerful personalities keep each other in a good mood.

06-12-18_9-11-04 PM.png

Who would have guessed Summer would get Franks n' Beans? I think Candy got her drink because of the color, honestly.

06-12-18_9-33-42 PM.png

While Candy is making new friendships and strengthening existing ones, Yuki continues to have no friends that are not her lovely sibling. She's content to spend her days as alone as possible.

Round #1: Candy & Yuki, Part 2

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Yuki had been struggling in school recently, so Candy found some time to help her with her homework. Candy has been trying to figure out how to be both a parent and a sister to Yuki.

06-12-18_6-49-44 PM.png

Another night off, another night at the club for Candy.

06-12-18_6-50-37 PM.png

There is no better dancer than Candy.

06-12-18_6-50-39 PM.png

Seriously. Ask any Sim at the club!

06-12-18_6-50-40 PM.png


06-12-18_6-50-41 PM.png


06-12-18_6-50-44 PM.png


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People clear the dance floor and cheer. It's no wonder she likes hanging out there!

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While both Candy and Summer love meeting new people, they've been spending a lot of time together at the club. They've become quite close friends.

06-12-18_8-13-43 PM.png

Yuki might not be the most social gal, but she is still a teenager. Every morning, she stares into the mirror wishing for a zit to go away, or wondering if her shirt is flattering.

06-12-18_8-14-25 PM.png

Neither Yuki or Candy know how to cook. The stove has only been used for Grilled Cheese. Most meals consist of cereal, pastries, peas, oatmeal and microwave chicken nuggets. Yuki is interested in learning more about cooking, but doesn't know where to start (or have the time, really).

Round #1: Candy & Yuki, Part 1

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Candy Behr is friends with Summer Holiday. Candy is a member of the Spin Masters and met Summer at a nightclub. They hit it off quickly thanks to their cheerful and outgoing personalities, as well as their love for dance!

06-10-18_7-57-19 PM.png

Candy is the older sister, and sole provider, of Yuki. Yuki is an introverted teenager who loves video games.

06-10-18_7-57-44 PM.png

In fact, she tends to favor games and online interactions over real life social interactions. Her only friend is Candy.

06-10-18_7-59-28 PM.png

Candy works nights, and Yuki goes to school during the day. They have to take whatever opportunities they can to hang out. Yuki often does her homework at Candy's desk, while Candy practices the guitar.

06-10-18_8-05-53 PM.png

Despite being a bit of a loner, Yuki is in two clubs including the Avant Gardes who gather at a local coffee house. They have a meeting room in the back of the coffee house that's nice and quiet.

Hugo is the only other teen in the Avant Gardes. Yuki likes Hugo- he's quiet and reserved like her. He also doesn't have many friends.

06-10-18_8-06-54 PM.png

The meeting room is a great place to read and drink coffee...and to not interact with the other club members?

06-10-18_8-56-16 PM.png

Yuki works part-time after school at HAMBURGERMAN! to help her sister pay the bills. Yuki doesn't mind it, though she knows she'd probably be able to do a better job in school if she didn't have to work. She's not going to admit that out loud to anyone, though.

06-10-18_9-00-14 PM.png

On Candy's nights off, she heads to the club to meet up with her friends (like Summer), and to show off her dance moves.

06-10-18_9-01-17 PM.png

Candy frequently leads the Spinmasters (Joaquin and Dominic) in some fancy group dance numbers. Their group dance routines usually attract quite an audience.