Round #1: Candy & Yuki, Part 1

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Candy Behr is friends with Summer Holiday. Candy is a member of the Spin Masters and met Summer at a nightclub. They hit it off quickly thanks to their cheerful and outgoing personalities, as well as their love for dance!

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Candy is the older sister, and sole provider, of Yuki. Yuki is an introverted teenager who loves video games.

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In fact, she tends to favor games and online interactions over real life social interactions. Her only friend is Candy.

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Candy works nights, and Yuki goes to school during the day. They have to take whatever opportunities they can to hang out. Yuki often does her homework at Candy's desk, while Candy practices the guitar.

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Despite being a bit of a loner, Yuki is in two clubs including the Avant Gardes who gather at a local coffee house. They have a meeting room in the back of the coffee house that's nice and quiet.

Hugo is the only other teen in the Avant Gardes. Yuki likes Hugo- he's quiet and reserved like her. He also doesn't have many friends.

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The meeting room is a great place to read and drink coffee...and to not interact with the other club members?

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Yuki works part-time after school at HAMBURGERMAN! to help her sister pay the bills. Yuki doesn't mind it, though she knows she'd probably be able to do a better job in school if she didn't have to work. She's not going to admit that out loud to anyone, though.

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On Candy's nights off, she heads to the club to meet up with her friends (like Summer), and to show off her dance moves.

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Candy frequently leads the Spinmasters (Joaquin and Dominic) in some fancy group dance numbers. Their group dance routines usually attract quite an audience.