Round 2: Summer, Liberty & Travis, Part 4

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06-20-18_9-08-17 PM.png

Liberty has one of the toughest career paths in all of SimNation. She's on track to one day become an astronaut, but there will be a lot of hard work along the way. She has started playing chess to improve her strategic thinking skills. Clearly, in this shot she was distracted by something, but I have no idea what!

06-23-18_10-33-50 AM.png

Willow Creek is such nice, normal bit of suburbia. Quiet and lovely in the morning.

06-23-18_11-54-51 AM.png

Karim has pretty much become Travis' only friend, other than his roommates. He is a good friend, however, stopping by quite frequently to chat about all sorts of things and have drinks at the roommates' bar.

06-23-18_11-55-14 AM.png

Look at his eyes! He knew what I was doing! LOL. Yes, Travis, you've been developing a bit of a gut! Must be all that time spent on the computer. It's okay, though, plenty of ladies like a man who is a bit soft!

06-23-18_12-18-14 PM.png

It's SUMMERFEST. This is Summer's FAVORITE holiday. As you can see in the left top corner, there are three traditions she LOVES. Inviting people over, playing in the water, and having that party spirit! Summerfest is a time for friends, outdoor fun and laughs.

06-23-18_12-33-59 PM.png

Of course, this means that the roommates decided to throw a party! Inviting all their over! Karim, Candy, Dina, Jessminder, Cassandra...they are all here. Even Jonas....that random guy...who just always seems to be around...

06-23-18_12-35-56 PM.png

Liberty even tried to be social. She sat away from the crowd, of course, but she still managed to having a good time chatting with Zoe and Karim (she still has no clue that he was the annoying bear).

06-23-18_12-37-21 PM.png

Summer made sure there was plenty of water fun! Water balloons, a kiddie pool, a sprinkler! The sprinkler broke halfway through the festivities- fortunately, Liberty was there to fix it!

06-23-18_12-39-35 PM.png

After everyone had gone, Liberty and Travis continued to play in the sprinkler for awhile until they were exhausted, and then they both turned in.

06-23-18_1-01-22 PM.png

Summer was still feeling the party spirit, and didn't want to go to bed. She headed outside to see if any of the neighbors were around and up for a bit more fun.

While she was out there, she ran into Justin. Remember him from the park? The guy she was really crushing on, but rejected her advances?

06-23-18_1-03-37 PM.png

Well...he did not reject them this time. In fact, he was a little too interested. And before any of us (Summer, Justin, or myself) realized what was happening...yeah, she took him back to her room.

Hopefully, one doesn't regret what she's done during the giddiness that is Summerfest!