Round 2: Summer, Liberty & Travis, Part 2

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06-18-18_10-01-55 PM.png

Summer and Liberty discussing....children? over a late night dinner.

06-18-18_10-03-56 PM.png

When she doesn't have time in her schedule to go to the gym, Summer likes to take a run before work. She's been thinking maybe she needs some sort of fitness routine.

06-18-18_10-05-20 PM.png

Summer knows Dina & Nina Caliente from the club and the gym. This morning while she was outside, she ran into Katrina, their mother, walking through the neighborhood.

06-18-18_10-11-01 PM.png

Lunch on the deck! Summer enjoys the sunshine, and she's looking forward to this thing called "weather" and "seasons" that, rumor has it, is arriving soon.

06-19-18_9-05-13 PM.png

Summer decided to hit the gym, but first she called Dina to see if she could join her. Dina was on her mind after running into Katrina!

06-19-18_9-06-35 PM.png

As it turns out, Dina was already at the gym!

06-19-18_9-08-10 PM.png

Dina was already done with her workout, though. Before Summer began her workout, they hung out together, watching the clouds and chatting.

06-19-18_9-10-22 PM.png

Summer tried the rock wall for the first time! It was hard work, but she already started getting the hang of it before she left.

06-19-18_9-15-22 PM.png

When Summer got home, she tried a new recipe for dinner- Italian Meatballs!