Edith's Bullet Journal: Day 26 (Thursday)

Edith had Thursday off from work. 

She was surprised to find Jesminder (her neighbor) at her door early in the morning dressed in a towel. Jes wanted to know if Edith had hot water because their apartment did not. Edith let Jesminder use her bathroom to get ready while Edith was cleaning up the house.

Our man of mystery.....or mysterious anger, rather. As usual, Edith tried to chat with him cheerfully, but eventually he made her frustrated so she left. She's pretty determined to find out why he is so angry.

Hmm.....such an odd fellow.

Edith spent the morning in her neighborhood chatting with her neighbors. 

When she went home, she got a surprise visit from Paolo. They played chess for awhile and chatted.

"So that's how the LLama's mascot ended up with fried chicken in his shorts!" Edith walked Paolo to the elevator enjoying his stories from his job as an athlete.

Things got a bit awkward as they went to say goodbye, and well....

They had their first kiss. Edith initiated it, but Paolo didn't seem to mind. 

Edith was giddy after the kiss and either wanted to sing romantic songs, or read a romance novel. However, Jes's husband Arun came over for a chat.

I think he was trying to escape from the toddler for awhile. They chatted about everyday stuff while Edith played with her clay.

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